Due to unexpected circumstances...

The hubby came home early yesterday with his head held unreasonably low.  The look in his eye and the silence after I asked him what was wrong, was really the only thing I needed to know that there was bad news ahead.  "I was laid off."  Wow. Ton of bricks.  We've been through this before.  Several times in the last  few years.  Immediatly my mind started racing. O -gosh.

What are we going to do?

Well we do have some back up plans.  Thank goodness we have been through this before, we are quick to make decisions.  We are always in "pick up and go' mode.  well sorta.  I have a hard time with this, because I am a nester.  My home is my nest.  I just cant seem to ever get settled before we pick up and leave again. 

After he told me the news., I hugged my husband, gave him a kiss, and told him "we got this!"

I know we got this. By the end of the evening, we are sifting through every possible positives that can come out of this.  We came up with a few. 

 I believe we have both come to the end of the road to persue this dream.  It was a good dream. ♥
We are now looking up, and looking at the better of this situation.  We will move forward with our hearts open to life being unexpected.  We will get through this.  Soon we will look back and smile, and say that this has only made us stronger. 

::Sigh::  I feel much better now.