Happy Easter 2011!

Happy Easter!  I am so happy during this time of year.  The kids are excited, the adults aren't too overwhelmed. Spring is in the air, and that means summer is yet to come!  FLowers are usually in full bloom (well here athome there is sometimes still snow)  but regardless, we are happy and content.  ♥

Happy Easter
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Easter Traditions

Easter traditions differ around the world. Here are just a few of them.
Children in the United States and Canada say the Easter bunny or rabbit brings eggs at Easter. In Germany and England, they say the hare brings them. The hare looks like a rabbit, but it's larger, with longer ears and legs.

In Australia, rabbits are quite a nuisance as they are not native to the land. For this reason, there is an attempt being made to dub the Bilby as the the chief egg bringer of the land. For lack of a better description, the Bilby looks a bit like a cross between a mouse and a rabbit.

In Italy, Belgium and France, children say Easter eggs are brought by the church bells. There, church bells do not ring from Good Friday until Easter Sunday. Because of this, people say that the bells have flown off to Rome. As the bells fly back home for Easter, they drop colored eggs for boys and girls to find.
But there are more foods than eggs to enjoy on Easter!

People in Russia eat an Easter bread that is full of plump white raisins and tastes like cake. In some countries of Eastern Europe, people enjoy an Easter Cake called babka. It's shaped like a skirt -- babka means "little old woman". Easter cakes in Italy are shaped like a rabbit, which is a symbol of birth and new life and many other countries make cookies and cakes shaped like a lamb, a symbol of Jesus. Hot cross buns are another traditional Easter bread with icing in the shape of a cross.