My Husband, the Lineman

i love my linemanMy husband has been dedicated to his job since I have met him. Working in his apprentiship to get his journemand ticket as a UNION JOURNEY MAN. We have traveled all over the west to keep his apprentiship strong. With the job econmy striking the West, he have had our set backs. And the PROS and CONS are about equally parted. A downfall to my post here, is that there just may not be a light at the end of this tunnel for my husband to get his ticket. {a certification that says he has all his HOT WORK hours to be passed as a LINEMAN instead of just and Apprentice} We say this because the last few moves have brought us to these Teeny tiny towns that dont have much work going on. So how is a Man suppose to get his Hot work hours?

Lately we have seriously been considering going back home and letting the last 6 years we have put into this be in the past. WE are sad about it, but its something we are thinking about very seriously. Not only with the moves, but taking my oldest out of school 2 times a year just to move is taking a toll on him as well. THis only saddens us to a point, and then we think about all the opportunites we will have moving back home. The family and friends we once knew are all there. Home is where our heart is.

Linework is in the top 10 Most dangerous jobs. Everyday that my husband goes to work, I hope and pray that he will return safely and that the guys he works with take that extra precaution to make sure he does to. 
Child Prays For Daddy Lineman

I just want to express how in love I am with a man, who works so hard to please all of us. We have spent minimal time together the past years due to his 10 hour days, 2 hours minimal studying {EVERYDAY} and on call. {darn those calls when we no sooner sit down to dinner and the phone rings for him to go out on trouble call}

Through everything, whatever his decision will be, I will stand by him. 

**video of some lineworkers** video does not belong to me**

I love my hunny buns.