Only in Wyoming..

A recent trip back home had me very excited. That was until we hit 10,000 feet in elevation and it was practically a 'chain-up" area, but unfortuanly we didn't have chains for the tires, so we gusted through some drifts and cruized on through like we were pro's.  We have lived in some pretty crappy places that are known for Blizzards in July so what the heck.

But on our way back home, I realized how changeable Wyoming is.. and so I decided to snap some photos.  These are all taken within about a 4 hour gap across from the Idaho border to our destination in Wyoming. 

-Snowy but looking pretty good compared to other times through.

Sunny and Rocky!

Surrounded by water and marshness

Dessert and Cloudy

In Rocky mountains, driving through tunnels

Rainy and rocky peaks. 

Last and not least.
(picture not included, due to lack of feeling in my arms and legs after the long drive!)

And during this long drive, I wonder why we never recorded ourselves doing the CHA CHA CHA! LIke this: