packages in the mail

I am one to anticipate recieving packages in the mail.  Here is something I am excited about:
Thanks Chrissy you have become quite the inspiration to me!
(go to her blog to check out all the wondeful things that she posts and makes!)

Look at the lovely package it came in!  That is darling!

 This cell phone case was custom made to my liking, isn't it darling!  Although I must have given the wrong measurements because it is a very very tight fit.. that just makes me look forward to the next cell phone I get.  I will keep this forever!  I love it!

**UPDATE** with a little stretching and some patience I GOT IT TO FIT! IM SO STOKED!

This little guy came along for the ride! He will make an adorable addition to my new home (if everything goes as planned for our new home, cross your fingers!) Then I will make sure he is snug in our Christmas tree, and forever more I will be thankful.  Thanks again Chrissy!  I am very pleased, and you inspire me!

I am jamming to some tunes this morning, and I am listening to this one over and over again.  It is such a inspiring song to me.  I have already posted it in the "MUSIC FOR MY SOUL"  You can hear it here on one of my previous blog posts. I would love for you too, to hear this song.  ♥