Painting Marshmellows - with the kiddos

Lets get creative!

Easter is almost here!  Yes its approaching fast.  When I go into the small grocery store here they have this shelf stocked full of candy {too expensive for anyone to buy - major disadvantage for living in a small town} The peeps and chocolate malted Easter eggs will remain fully stocked until well after Easter.   So until then, I wanted to make some yummy treats. Something that the kids could do, and enjoy!  So I set out to find a edible paint.  I found this:

1 can sweetened condenced milk + food coloring = Edible paint.  Isn't that easy peasy?!

Well what better way then to do it, on a cold spring day, and when I have extra kids over to play. {always lots of fun!!}

So we got everything started!  This is what you will need, and this is how you will need to prep!


Edible paint - listed above
Stick pretzles
some paper to cover your table with. Just tape the ends down

Heres how we prepped:
After covering your surface with the paper.
Take a stick pretzle and stick it in the end of the marshmellow.
This gives the little hands a chance to grab the pretzles and paint the 'mellows.

Then put a paintbrush in each color of paint and let the little ones go to town. After the kiddos are done, I transfered the masterpieces to a 9x13 glass casserole dish to let them dry.  It took them several hours to finally dry, but by that time there were only a few left.
This is very sticky, but well worth it.  Something we might continue doing each year.  We might even take on adding some candies to make these look more loveable!