Post card from Finland and Sanibel Island, Florida

Oh the joys of recieving a postcard and the smiles that follow.  I loved this!
She attended Helsinki university and has a major in Japanology! WOW!
Thanks so much!

For me this postcard brought back memories of when I was younger and loved summer fun!  She has a beach ball so I can only imagine the she is perhaps looking forward to going somehere, or comming home exausted from a Sunny day out in the sun!
What fun.

I have nver been to Sanivel Island, Florida before.  But I loved this card. I love the ocean,  and this looks like a perfect place for a day out on the beach.

Love it!

I also found this song by the First Aid Kit girls, and I loved it. Its a live song, and I enjoyed it.  So I thought I would share. As I sit here, I plan on going back to research more on this little band, because I think these girls sound great.