Postcard ♥ Love

Postcards that have recently arrived.  Which I just adore, and all 3 of these will make a wonderful edition to my collection.  I really do love these. 

This one from Florida comes from Philippa D, in Florida!  The back had a 6 word memoir, that read:
Too Late For Tears
Uhm.. can we say genius!  Thanks so much Philippa!

This next little lovely comes Sandi all the way from Bucuresti, Romania! The post card shows Piata Universitatu.(University Plaza)
Wow.  The details on this postcard are wonderful.  This University is in the center of the city ans Sandi says that its near the old pos of Bucherest with lots of places where people love to dance. This sounds so interesting!! 

What a painting this is.  I really do love this!  I did some research on this postcard because I loved it so much and found that this painting is called The Seine, which is representing the Seine River that runs through Paris. The old Trocadéro Palace is the building that is in the background.
Thank you so much Violettedream, for this lovely little number for my collection!

This postcard is from Blanca.  She also sent me a lovely card, that was attached with a prayer. I must say, I was very moved.  It arrived at the perfect time with everything going on...
I am so blessed to have people in my life that are genuine good peaople at heart.

Many thanks! ♥