A thrifty find to add to my collection.

**UPDATE** if you haven't entered my giveaway.. do so!!  I am also changing the deadline date!  Due to my husband being laid off, there is alot on my plate right now, and Im in the midst of packing and what not, and would like to get this lovely little bracelet out to the lucky winner!!**
The deadline is TONIGHT!! and the winner will be announced tomorrow~!  WAHOO!!
On to my daily post.
While strolling through the streets of a small town close to my house, I seen a really cool store with all sorts of thrifty stuff.  So of course I stopped in.  There was this wine bottle stopper that caught my eye.  I went to ask the man at the front desk if he could reccomend a glue for me to fix it.  We got on the conversation of wine bottle stoppers, and he gave it to me for free!

This is not glued back together, I just placed it  together so I could see the after picture when it was fixed.

Needless to say, I didn't know what kind of glue to use..

It worked like a charm.
Literally.  (yes I made charms or as I like to call them 'embelishments' for my wine glasses)
But now I have this.

Now I have a  lovely new additional piece to my Wine Stoppers collection?  (this being #1)
Yeah, I decided I want to have a collection.

Then to top the morning off.. I found this cute lil rapper doing some moves.  ENJOY.