Update.. from me.

Whew.  hello lovlies!  I am sitting at a computer at my moms house, and I have been a bit stressed lately.  We are in the process of getting into our home (jumping with joy) but these sorts of things can be a process.  Upon being being back home, I feel like a bum.  Staying at the in-laws and at my parents house until this house is ready to become 100% ours.  I of course love being back home and seeing my family is even more awesome, but I must say, Im ready to be into a place!  So from time to time, I am able to get on here and read your lovely comments and emails.  I must say.  I won a AWESOME handbag from theclassyturtle.com and I am going to be waiting by the mailbox for the next while until I get it.  If you get a minute you should go check it out. Its Marvelous!    So I am in a rush.  So I just wanted to do a tidbit on here, to tell each and everyone of you individually that I think you rock, and I wish we were closer so we could have tea.  Or wine!  =)  keep smiling. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter ahead.   With love... Amber