its been whisping since last June here, they say...


Since I have been back in Idaho the wind hasn't stopped at all. It may blow any which way it pleases, but I hear its been like this since last June?! The occasional cloud moved out of the suns view, and it peeked out for only a few short minutes, enough for a tease, and then it was over.  

The wind blew so hard lastnight, that I was up all night thinking that there was going to be a tornado.  I kept thinking to myself, what my escape plan would be best.  I have never (knock on wood) been anywhere close to a tornado, but with the weather these days, you just have to count your blessings.  Upon staying up half the night worried that I was going to be swept away, my baby girl was sick and my hubby was tired and exausted which equals him being very arnery.  Yes I said arnery.  I only use that word when I am referring to an old man who hasn't has his breakfast, and last night, I was about ready to cook up some eggs!  But morning soon came and She is feeling better.  I let the hubby sleep in, and Im am already on my 3rd cup of coffee (I have never liked the stuff, but comming very fond of it lately)  and I can tell its going to be a long day.

I am still in limbo between getting into our new house (yeah excitement) but we haven't quite closed on it yet.  So I reside here (where ever the wind takes me) and I am getting very cranky about the whole situation. The family wardrobe is currently bundled up in the back of my vehicle and I only have one pair of shoes, and they aren't the ones that make me feel pretty.  So with that being said. Im  keeping a positive attitude and haping that this wind will blow in some sunshine, if only for another few minutes to brighten up the day. 

To everyone who has been commenting and sending some love my way.  You are much appreciated, and I couldn't blog without you!


Heres to a beautiful day - comming soon!