Awkward and Awesome Thursday

first things first...  I want to say hello to all my new followers and commentors. You all are truely special.  I have been slacking for some time on this blog due to my move and I am sorry for that.  All the emails and comments have been wonderful.  Special thanks to you all. Hugs and more hugs!



  • I glanced out the window a few days ago to see the neighbor guy (in his mid 40's or 50's) wearing a rock n' roll belly shirt, and shorts that reminded me of Reno 911.  Much to my amazement, he was flying a kite.  He was running from one end of our cul-de-sac to the other with a cheesy grin on his face, and I must say, I felt awkward. (for him)
  • At the check-out line in the grocery store, I glaced back to see a classmate that I graduated with. I asked how he was doing and since we were about 2 people apart from eachother I holler back to him "How is your wife so-so doing?"  He waves his hands back and forth as to be signaling to me that shes gone. "we are divorced" he hollered back to me.  My cheeks turned bright red as I walked back to him and apologized for the honest mistake of being such a jerk.
  • With my lil family at the local pizza joint and the kids had earned tokens from the arcade games they had been playing.  We go to cash them in for a prize and as its Sissys turn to choose hers, she yells out really loud (she was a very tired 3 year old who skipped her nap) "I DONT KNOW WHAT I WANT"  so as I try to mediate with her some good ideas - "how about that really neat spinner top?" she starts to yell even louder saying stuff that I dont even understand. I look up at the teenage boy behind the counter with a look of shock on his face as he is spinning the top on the glass for us to see.  "We wont be getting anything today." I tell him as I picked up the histerical 3 year old girl and left the game room

  • My dad bought me the raddest BBQ'er last weekend and I have grilled and fried dinner on it every single night of the week!
  • My oldest just turned 9 and he is going to be getting his go-cart today!
  • My darling little girl picked a bunch of dandilions and some kinda weed with a flower on it, and placed it ever so nicely in a glass jar for me, and said Im the best mom ever.
  • The fact that we have been getting some nice weather outside, and I planted my new shrubs out back (Burning bushes) they will look awesome in the fall!
I am enjoying being in our home, and I am certainly excited to be frugal about my interiour decor.  I just finished making my jewelry holder.  So here is a glance: