Im *WAVING* to you!!

Good day to all you lovlies out there!  I have to say that I am pretty excited to be up and running again with internet!  A few updates include but not limited to..
We bought our very own house.  Shes cozy and just the way I have pictured it since day one.
We are in the city and have great neigbors.
The kids have made friends and have been outside playing since we moved in.
All my stuff that has been in storage for years, is now in my home!  Its been like Christmas going through all this stuff!
We removed all the carpet from the house and laid all new, Painted every square inch of this beauty, and now its practically brand new.
I finished remodeling the bathroom yesterday! Hurray for me.  My hubby has liad tile and he did such a great job. Kudos!
HUGE HUGS to all of you and your awesome comments. * I read all of them!* although I didn't have much time to reply, I take them all to heart.  I miss all your lovely ideas andr ecipes or just random rants.  I cant wait to have my tea or coffee hour and get back on to reading them.

So with a great big *wave* and a smile.  I wanna personally say HOWDY! - IM BACK!

{pictures below taken in Las Vegas}
and Im hoping for 105 degree weather like it was there!