a little lovely fill in the blank, from me to you. 
1. The last movie I saw was   KungFu Panda 2 at the drive in with my hubby + kids   .

2. I want to    find a way to have NON FRIZZY HAIR .

3. Surprises are     not something I get often .

4. The best accessory is   a cute necklace with cute shoes.
5. My favorite warm drink is    French Vanilla + caramel cuppachino .

6. My favorite cold drink is    Cherry Pepsi, but thats something I try to stay away from, so I would have to go with ICE COLD water with lemon   .
7. Currently loving   my new home.. and its all ours.      OH and my new haircut - that I did myself, thank you very much!
And I sure do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.