Daydreaming at night...

I wish I could get back on track. But you know what, I have been enjoying summer so much, that I haven't had time to get on to a regular schedule.  Staying up until 3 and 4 in the morning is getting drastic.  But I must say, I am enjoying being a night owl. I was at walmart lastnight at 2am just to get toothpaste! 

So I must say.. Im late, but Yesterday was my Birthday (28th) My O' My.


It was pretty ordinary.. You know birthdays really dont seem to be as exciting as when you are a little kid.  But that doesn't mean that you cant spoil yourself...
I of course went shopping..

One thing that I did want but didn't get.. because I cant find anyone to do it.. is this.. They are OH SO VERY CUTE!! but believe me Im on a mission to get them done. 


I hope the day is lovely in your neck of the woods...