Whew.. What a week, wait its only MONDAY!!

So much goodness happening. I have finished all the MUST HAVES to start school in just a few weeks!  YEAH YEAH!!   I cant tell ya how stoked I am!  BUSY BUSY!  I have been extremly busy with kids' appointments n such, that I haven't had a chance to go buy me a new USB cord for my digi yet. thats a major bummer!  I have so many pictures I want to share. Looks like I will be posting pictures of my flowers and such, when winter is here. Oh well, I guess it will give me a uplifting feel of summer, since I think winter is such a drag.  Well I did in all the other states I lived in, I am still yet to expierence a winter in my new home, so this may be different.  ANYWAYS...  I am looking forward to Rockin out this week to Pop Evil... So I will close with a song of theirs.  ♥  Cant wait for the concert! (Poison, Skid row and some others will also be there!  My hubby was a huge fan of Skid Row, so this shall be fun!)