WOW, I finally decided to take the evening off from studying, and I found myself scrolling through all the wonderful blogs that I have missed over the last few months.  I hope everyone is enjoying there end of the summer! No worries though because Fall is here, and isn't it just beautiful!  I would love to see some awesome fall pictures in your neck of the woods! 

This was taken in the last little town we lived in in Wyoming.  Nifty, huh!

How about a little laugh or two?
So, I was watching TV and came along a Youtube video that I thought was the cutest thing ever, So I got online, googled it and now I cant wait to share it with all you fine folks!  Just go here! I promise it will give you a chuckle!

I love looking at creative picture taking, and let me tell you what.. THIS PICTURE mesmerizes me..

HUBBY is telling me that I need to make more of these...
 I think he just may be on to something!

Folks, I sure hope that you haven't forgotten about me.  I still check your blogs often, and I worked really hard on mine, and I feel like I just have neglected it.  THere are also some really good blogs out there that I have missed out on, but if you haven't checked them out.. you should!
Dont be afraid to tell them I sent ya!

Thanks for tuning in today! I leave you with kind words and good tunes!