What I L♥VE Thursday

Its here, Thursday.  THe day when Its no longer the beginning of the week, but not quite the end either.  The weekend is right around the corner, and with each day comming forth, that means Winter is right around the corner.  Although I am not a fan of winter, or being cold in general, I think I will embrace it a little bit more this go round.  I will no longer be in the craziest of places having to travel such distance on icy roads just to do some minor grocery shopping. Nevertheless, I do enjoy fall.  This particular Thursday I am enjoying several little lovelies that I think are share-worthy.

First, I have noticed more so now then ever, how beautiful the sun shines through the fall colored trees, and I always seem to miss the moment to take a picture of such a breathe-taking view.  So I found one that I enjoy just as much.
So here a few other loves' I am going to share.

I am nearly done with my 'clinical' stage in school.  I have done some good hands on demonstrations and I am so happy to nearly be done. the 12 hour clinical days can be a real feet-killer, but Im excited to see where this path will take me!

The Burning Bushes I planted this fall in my back yard have done very well, and the color on the is so pretty!

I have finally got all my 'storage' downstairs from couponing organized. I was so hot and bothered by the way it was starting to all add up with no where to put it, that I caved in and talked the hubby into buying some really awesoem shelves!  Best part, they have wheels an can be moved very easily even if stocked full! 

I must say, Fresh veggies from the garden this time of year ROCK!  can we say SQUASH and more SQUASH! 

Halloween decor is fullfiling my home! Fromt he refridgerator to the new stuff I just cant live without. I love Halloween.  Crossing fingers for a warm night!

Instead of carving pumpkins we made the cutes addition to our Fall Decor:  Arent they cute!
That sums it all up for now.
Short. Simple. Sweet

I MADE BAKED APPLES LASTNIGHT.  Rocked it!  They were delish!
Happy Thursday!