I have been working on a new design for this blog!

This blog it seems is way overdue for a new design.  I worked really hard on the current flat design but still it was all mine and it took me days to get it perfect.  But just a little FYI there is something in the works!    Maybe even a few swaps and giveaways as well.  This crisp winter is just giving me more and more reasons to stay indoors and not to leave anywhere!  School has kept me pretty busy, so I have a mess-load of bookmarked ideas that I just cant wait to try this winter!  So.. Stay tuned folks.  I sure {heart} all of ya!

In the mean-time I hope you all have a lighted place to go during these dark days ( I call them dark because I dread Winter!)


I also hope that while you are snuggled inside during the cold days, that you can enjoy this or something like this, because this could brighten anyones day.


p.s.  I have been enjoying reading your blogs! Toodles!