My ♥ Someday ♥ List

I would like to think that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. I also believe that I have enough gusto to do so..  This list seems to grow bigger and bigger each year.  I have have accomplished many things, and with this new list, i

So.. in no particular order:
Join a Health and Fitness Program and stick with it to my goals +
Wine and Dine at an informal dinner, dressed to kill with my husband in a white tux.
Own a home
Experience food from different cultures made authentically from other countries.
Butterfly wings tattooed on my back
Get another tattoo.   continue to add to this list =)
Stay in a haunted hotel {fairweather inn}
Be a wine taster {other then in my own kitchen}
Do a pinup photo shoot {like this}
Eat sushi
Own a passport
Learn to belly dance
Make something of use in a pottery class.
Eat weird food!
    -Rocky mountain oysters
    -Frog Legs
Buy something at an auction
Run a marathon for a good cause
Run a 5k
Do a Color Run!
Tour Alcatraz
See the extreme castles in other countries
Mine for Gold
Renew Wedding Vows on the beach {just for the fun of it}
Be a Grandma
Pet a doe 
Take a tequila tour in Mexico
ROCK OUT at a concert
Own an acoustic guitar
Own a bass guitar
Eat at one of them fancy pancy dinner for 2 restaurants over city lights
Have a dog.  Love my Bently
Meet Someone famouse
Go to a luau
Make herbal tinctures 
Sail on a catamaran
Learn to tan a hyde. 
make a bongo drum
Do an EVP session. 
Go to college.
Get a degree.
Float in a hot air balloon.
start a fire with sticks
Ride on a Pirate Ship
Visit the Lewis and Clark underground caverns
Hug a HUGE sequoia tree
Ride a mechanical bull
Visit places of interest: 
    Miami, Fl.
    Carribean islands
    Puerto Rico
    St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
    Megans Bay, Virgin Islands
    La Ramona, Dominican Republic
    Grand Turk, Islands (love the Caico Islands!!)
    Curacao, Netherlands
    Catalina, Island (Isla Catalina, Dominican Repbulic)
    Spain, Paris, Europe,Trinidad, Jamaica, 
New York City

See the Statue of Liberty
Take a bus tour, downtown Chicago
Go to the Battle of Gettysburg
Find a pirate treasure
Learn all about Pirates!!
    Visit Blackbeards Castle (St. Thomas, USVI)
Visit Salem Massachusetts
See the Grand Canyon
rock climb
zip line
Go white water rafting
Swim with dolphins
Bet on a Horse
Watch a ballet.
Ride a Jet ski
Go to a Superbowl and cheer at the top of my lungs during 1/2 time.
Go to a fashion show.
Sail in a sailboat
Watch an opera.
Be the driver behind the wheel and go over 100 MPH
Take a safari
Learn to boogie board
Eat at Coldstone. I ♥ icecream.
Spray paint a masterpiece of art.
Go green!
Learn to play the piano